Experience More in Van Buren

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Want more from your everyday?

Van Buren County has a diverse offering of vibrant experiences waiting for you!



Plenty of Water

With 14 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline, 300 inland lakes, and two local rivers, Van Buren County has plenty of opportunities for fishing, kayaking, water sports, swimming and amazing sunrises

and sunsets. 




Wine and Dine

Van Buren County and the surrounding region is known for it's craft breweries and wineries. The Michigan climate is perfect for growing grapes and you can smell the vineyards as you drive through the summer countryside. Enjoy touring all of the local spots.




Outdoor Activities

With almost a dozen golf courses sprinkled throughout the area, water, and two raceways, you will not be short of outdoor activities!


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Kal-Haven Trail

The Kal-Haven Trail is an outdoor trail that connects Kalamazoo to South Haven, spanning 33 miles. It is ideal for walking, biking, snowmobiling, cross country skiing, and some areas of the trail allow horseback riding. 


You can also visit the South Haven-Van Buren County Visitor's Bureau at https://www.southhaven.org/